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What is Summit Connect?
At Summit Church, a part of our vision is to connect to one another and grow in God’s Word. One way we do that is through Summit Connect. Summit Connect is a tool that helps us accomplish our vision together. Summit Connect is a place where we engage with our entire church body, our winning groups, God’s Word and with the world around us.

Summit Connect is a tool that helps our members connect and feel a greater sense of belonging.  It helps us provide effective leadership for the whole church and manage people so we can focus on our mission, which is to teach people how to win in life through an understanding of God’s unconditional love and grace.

Do I have to use Summit Connect?
We encourage all first-time guests, new and long-time attenders to get on Summit Connect. It is for the whole church and is the main channel for church-wide communication. We want you to be a part.

Phone App 
Download the phone app – Summit Church – Indiana – and have access wherever you are.  Watch or listen to Pastor’s messages, review sermon notes, register for events, and much more at the touch of a button.  Stay connected effortlessly.

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Need help getting started?
Download the New User: Quick Start Guide to help you get started in Summit Connect.