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Roosevelt Barnes

Sports Agent and former Detroit Lions professional football player. “Summit Church has meant a great deal to my family and me. The exciting thing is that my children have grown in the ministry. I think they are going to be stronger and more productive people in the world. I think that they are prepared to face any task as they go to college and deal with some of the things that are happening in the world. It’s also helped my business, my marriage and other areas of my personal life. I just thank God that I found this ministry.”


Keith Smart

Head Coach Sacramento Kings of the NBA and Former Indiana Univ. Basketball Standout. “Summit Church has really done great things for my family and me. It has given us an opportunity to worship, as well as to be involved with the great things happening in the ministry. But most importantly, the way Pastor Al teaches has helped me understand the importance of applying the things that I have always known. Pastor Al is helping us to understand our place in the gospel. He’s helping us to become stronger men of God, better fathers and loving husbands. I am enjoying my time here at Summit Church. I think this is a wonderful place for a family to grow in the Word.”


Ashleigh Barnett (Attends Indianapolis Campus which meets in a theatre)

“Couldn’t see myself in pews anymore after been apart of this revolution”


Eugene Parker

Sports Agent and former Purdue All-Big Ten Basketball Standout.“I have been a member at Summit Church since the ministry began. I’ve learned how to listen to the Spirit of God, and how to apply God’s Word to my life. By utilizing these two things, I have been able to become a success in every area in my life; spiritually, financially, socially, in business and family. Summit Church has been a true blessing to me. Now, we are able, as a family, to touch others with the touch we receive from God through Summit Church.”