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Kitty White

Prayer Coordinator

I enjoy helping people discover for themselves how easy it is to fellowship, talk to, and have relaxed, casual chats with the one who created them. It’s exciting to see a person begin experiencing results and answers from dedicated and passionate time with God.

Married, blessed with two sons. One born Nov. 26, and the other born Dec. 26. Did I plan it that way? No ! 🙂

Places: One trip stands out?.Munich Germany, history came alive, very sobering, but was very thrilled to get back to the USA.
What’s on your iTunes: Smooth Jazz, Christmas Music, Ken & Gloria Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Andrew Wommack, Jimmy Evans. Maybe one day I’ll download it to an iPod
Books: Reviewing / The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman?.(never gets old).
Movies: Comedies, Adventures, and Biographies.
Hobbies: Roller skating, biking, crafting projects, interior design.
Dislikes: Detest lack and greed.
Odd Facts: When I’m really sleepy, I can pass up eating.
Life Scripture: NLT/Phil. 2: 13
“For God is working in me, giving me the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.”