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Floyd Thomas

Music Director 

Hi, I’m Floyd Thomas, the Music Director at Summit Church. Primarily, I am in charge of creating the sound that sets the tone for the worship experience at Summit. The Band, teamed with the Posse, paired with Pastor Al’s insightful teachings of the word of God, makes for life-changing encounters.

Equipped by God with the ability to play over seven different instruments skillfully, Floyd is impacting the world of music in a way that has never been experienced before. He began playing drums at the age of 2 and singing with his older brother, John Thomas, at the age of 5. Floyd soon became bored with singing and was inspired to focus his energy and efforts on playing the piano and the organ. From there he developed a great interest in production and arranging. Since his humble beginnings, God has allowed Floyd to work with such top artist as Yolanda Adams, Earth Wind & Fire, Winton Marcellus, Angelica Black, YPJ & FVC, Gray Boys, Young Saints, 2103 and many more. Floyd is currently the music director for Grammy and Dove nominated, 3 times Stellar Award winner, J. Moss. He has traveled with Moss across the globe and continues to demonstrate his illustrious playing everywhere. In 2006 Floyd founded A 1derful Organization (A1O) after running into an artist he knew would be deemed one of the greatest Pop/Rock sensations ever, Ian Grindstaff. From that supernatural meeting, A1O grew into a sure fire label spotlighting eight outstanding artists, spanning eight diverse genres of music, and delivering back-to-back smash singles consistently!

March 31

Places: Studio
What’s on your iPod: Ian Grindstaff, Allegro Nevella, Mike Stuckey, Corey Bishop, Sarah Lyric, Wayne Starks, Caanan Gage & Shynell
Books: The Bible is the only book I really pick up.
What do you TiVo: Enjoying Everyday Life, Bully Beatdown, Jump Start
Sports Teams: Not a Big Fan
Movies: Five Heartbeats, Scarface
Hobbies: Creating Music, Kicking it With Family
Dislikes: Haughtiness
Life Scripture: All of them