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Spark Children Ministry

The Children’s Ministry is fun filled, inviting and growing. We have 3 divisions that allow the children to be cared for on their age and grade level. Our children are challenged, encouraged and shown how to have a relationship with God on their level. We know how important it is for children to have fun and at Summit that’s one of our main goals!

Ignite Student Ministry

Ignite Student Ministries is a youth ministry centered around leading each student into a closer relationship with God. We conduct impacting small group meetings for High School and Middle School students where we have games, prizes, and most importantly, straight-forward teaching that the students can apply to their every day lives. Ignite provides activities for the students all year long such as: go-carting, lazer tag, lock-ins, amusement park outings, and more! Our goal is to create an atmosphere where the students can learn about God with their friends and have a blast while doing it!

The Factory Young Adult Ministry

The Factory is a group of young adults that are on fire for God. The people in The Factory are real and transparent. We openly discuss the everyday issues faced by our age group (18-28). We look to God’s Word to help us create strategies to reach success in all of those challenging areas. We have a scheduled meetings, but fellowship doesn’t stop there. We are a family that continually expresses love for one another. Together we have fun, reach people, strengthen each other, eat, and serve God. We have set the standard for a Christian lifestyle in our age group! We are proving to people that you can represent Christ and have a blast in the process. The Factory has introduced hundreds of people to Jesus in a new light. When people see The Factory, they see God. They now know they have found hope.